Nashville Trip 2014

  09/07/14 00:52, by , Categories: General
We have a vacation planned for November, but that seemed like such a long time to wait that when Southwest had a great deal on plane tickets to Nashville we snatched them up. Last week was our mini-vacation and it was rather nice. Once we settled into… more »
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The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt

  07/31/14 10:30, by , Categories: Books
This book was interesting and kept me engaged the whole time I was reading it. I did tend to skim some sections, though. Sometimes it was because the ins and outs of furniture restoration were being described or periods of drug use resulted in stream-of… more »

Reignwolf at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 07/23/2014

  07/27/14 21:46, by , Categories: Events
The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has a free concert series every summer. I was ecstatic when I found out Reignwolf would be one of the featured artists. This is a band I have been pretty excited about since first hearing their first single in January. I… more »

Fraud, Deception And Lies: How Discovery’s Shark Week Became The Greatest Show On Earth

  07/19/14 21:10, by , Categories: Informative
Their sensationalized programming, shoddy fact-checking, outright fictions and unethical PR have transformed them. Like P.T. Barnum and the showmen of old, they happily sacrifice the truth to draw a bigger crowd and do whatever it takes for money and… more »

Joe Kelly, Deadpool #25

  06/16/14 00:48, by , Categories: Quote
You must listen...without free will...true, pain dies out...but so does evolution. Without struggle...without the drive to better oneself, there is no art, no revolution. No love. All that remains is ignorant bliss...until… more »


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