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Erich Fromm's The Art of Loving

  01/10/15 23:23, by , Categories: Quote

If a person loves only one other person and is indifferent to the rest of his fellow men, his love is not love but a symbiotic attachment, or an enlarged egotism. Yet most people believe that love is constituted by the object, not by the faculty. In fact, they even believe that it is proof of the intensity of their love when they do not love anybody except the "loved" person. This is the same fallacy which I have already mentioned above. Because one does not see that love is an activity, a power of the soul, one believes that all that is necessary to find is the right object - and that everything goes by itself afterward. This attitude can be compared to that of the man who wants to paint but who, instead of learning the art, claims that he just has to wait for the right object - and that he will paint beautifully when he finds it. If I truly love one person I love all persons, I love the world, I love life. If I can say to somebody else, "I love you," I must be able to say, "I love in you everybody, I love through you the world, I love in you also myself."

Joe Kelly, Deadpool #25

  06/16/14 00:48, by , Categories: Quote

You must listen...without free will...true, pain dies out...but so does evolution. Without struggle...without the drive to better oneself, there is no art, no music...no courage...no revolution. No love. All that remains is ignorant bliss...until death...not just of the individual...but your entire race.

Was the Asus tweet extraordinarily sexist?

  06/06/12 00:19, by , Categories: Rant

This was a tweet from Asus at Computex 2012 in Taiwan.

The rear looks pretty nice. So does the new Transformer AIO. #Computex2012 pic.twitter.com/ajafmuDk

And here is a sampling of the responses and reactions to that tweet.

Outrage and Pitchforks!

Was the Asus tweet a display of sexism? That depends on whether you think objectifying someone is sexism.

Either way, I don’t see any reason to be offended by the tweet. Well, not more offended than you would be by the existence of “booth babes” in the first place. These scantily clad women are hired purely for eye candy. They don’t provide anything to the gadget exposition other than a female form to gaze at. Unless you believe that women are just naturally better at holding gadgets than men; but that would be sexist, wouldn’t it?

Never mind that NVIDIA had a woman dressed in a fairy bikini (complete with wings!) presenting their new graphics card. Don’t bother reprimanding Corsair for hiring a woman to stand near their products wearing a skin tight racing suit without the pant legs. At least these companies didn’t mention that their employees were attractive!

I’m not saying that I approve of what Asus did, I’m just saying that they don’t deserve to be singled out in such a fickle manner.

If someone has a problem with objectifying people to sell products, that’s commendable. But I would hope that they would take their reproach to its logical conclusion, not just boycott and/or reprimand Asus. Take the moral indignation to all of the companies that use sex to sell.


Life Lessons

  01/17/12 14:07, by , Categories: Random

Monica: If you had to run away because American gvernment started taking citizens away in the night and you never saw them again…
where would you go…

Dustin: St. Kitts

Monica: Good choice

Dustin: Why do you ask?

Monica: Because of your facebook post
I’ve been working on my escape plan just in case

Dustin: Get dual citizenship, buy a motorcycle, learn how to use a knife.

Monica: I need to do all those things
I’m so far behind

Dustin: Yeah, I haven’t done those things.
I do want to learn to use a knife, though.
Get all Jason Bourne and stuff.
Dual citizenship is way too expensive.
Probably better to rely on other countries willing to take refugees.

Monica: Lets take life learning classes
I think they have some at whole foods
in the middle of the day

Dustin: Whole foods will teach me how to stab a fool?

Monica: I don’t know but i saw a lady on a stage and she had a knife
and people were standing around her
I’m sure there were questions after
We could just ask
how to stab somebody

Dustin: “Excuse me? Yes. Thank you for teaching me how to disarm a dead chicken, but what do I do if -instead of a dead chicken- it’s a guy with brass knuckles?”

Monica: Yes
I mean I don’t know where else to go. I think it is worth a shot.

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Borders Forced to Liquidate, Close All Stores

  07/19/11 14:08, by , Categories: General

Close to 400 Borders stores will start closing up shop this Friday and the rest are to follow, resulting in all Borders stored closed by the end of September.

I always preferred Waldenbooks/Borders over Barnes & Noble. When I tried to think of the reason for that, I couldn’t come up with much. The only bookstore in the town where I grew up was a Waldenbooks. Over the years, their prices always seemed more reasonable than B&N (of course, they were still more expensive than Amazon). Finally, Borders stores somehow seemed a little cozier than B&N stores. It’s possible that the last point may be connected to the first.

I haven’t shopped at Borders in over a year and I know it’s because I bought Molly a Nook. Having that piece of hardware made a connection between us and the B&N brand. Molly wanted to buy books from B&N so that they wouldn’t go out of business and the Nook store would continue to be available.

Though I’m only speaking from my experience, e-readers may be a large part of why Borders failed and B&N didn’t.

Still, fewer physical bookstores in the world saddens me a bit.



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