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Dead Mailbox

Our mailbox was hit by a car a few weeks ago. The lady who did it was nice enough to stop and pay for the damages, but it hasn't been fun replacing it. Until last week, we had to make due with some bungee cords and rope holding the splintered post together. I finally got all of the pieces I needed to put up a new one, but it wasn't as easy as the guy at the hardware store made it out to be. To make a long story short, I hammered a post spike into the ground crooked and couldn't get it back out. So, now we have a new mailbox and post that don't exactly sit right. At least it isn't falling apart and our mail will stay dry.

New Post

Now I just have to get rid of the remainder of the old post that is still sticking out of the ground. Apparently, a hack saw is not the best tool for the job.

Molly went to Lincoln, Nebraska for work last Wednesday. While she was there, she took some time to visit the capitol building. She saw a nice gated house across the street with a plaque on the gate. As she was reading the plaque, a little dog came up to her on the other side of gate. Soon, the dog's owner came up too and they had a pleasant conversation. After she left, on a hunch, she looked up the governor of Nebraska. Sure enough, she had been talking to Governor Dave Heineman!

I didn't meet any high-ranking officials while Molly was gone, but I did score some cheap tickets to see Bastille at The University of Akron on Wednesday night. The venue, E.J. Thomas Hall, was really cool looking. The opening band was Grizfolk and they were pretty solid. Bastille's performance was really good and the crowd was really it. Lots of screaming girls. My only gripe would be that the vocals were too quiet and the bass was too loud in the mix. I think Dan Smith's singing is one of the most important features of the band and there were times when I could barely hear him. Otherwise, it was a really good concert.


Friday night, I met up with Kurk, Amy, Michael, Lisa, and baby Gracie for dinner at Bubba's Q. Molly was really jealous, but that serves her right for going to Nebraska! (just kidding!) After dinner, Kurk, Michael, and I went to Operation Zombie Strike at Swings and Things. They drive buses with mounted paintball guns through a zombie infested area where you can shoot zombies to your heart's content. The zombies were college students in layers with masks on their heads. I expected them to walk toward the bus with arms outstretched, but it was more like they were bunched up and cringing from all of the paintballs being shot at them in rapid fire. At first, I was pitying them, but then I got into it and really had a good time. A little sadistic? I don't know...


They give you an ID card after you are all done, so you can show that you were a member of the Zombie Civilian Response Unit. Even though they had a sheet with my name written on it and I told them clearly what it was, they typed my name wrong into the computer. So, the ID card they gave me says that I'm Private Pustin Sullivan.

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