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Week of 11/10

  11/18/13 00:25, by , Categories: General

We had a busy but fun week.

Monday night, we played Settlers of Catan with people from my work. I was shut down pretty quickly. Molly and Jacob worked to get everyone to block any possible paths I had for expansion. It was still a good time. Dave had never played before that night and the next day he was already asking when we were going to play again.

Settlers of Catan

Tuesday night, we met with Michael and Lisa at Ruby Tuesdays for dinner before going to the movies. I had never eaten there before. I always thought it was just like Applebees, but the salad bar and free cheesy biscuits were a nice touch. After dinner we saw Thor 2, which blew away my expectations.

Thursday night, we went out for dinner with Molly's uncle Robin at Zocalo's. He had been there once before and didn't like it, so we were hoping to prove that they do have good food. While Robin said that his food was good, it was pretty ironic that my food wasn't as good as anything I've had there before. The guacamole appetizer was good enough to make up for the lackluster entree, though.

Friday, I was trying to get a ticket to see Capital Cities and Fitz and the Tantrums. The show had been sold out for weeks, but I thought I might be able to get one second hand. I was only willing to spend $40 for a ticket, and the cheapest one on StubHub all day was $65. Karl already had a ticket, so I figured I would go with him to the venue and see if I could score one from a scalper. When we got there, a lady asked us if we had an extra ticket. She had been there for over an hour trying to get one. Karl was willing to try to help me get a ticket for a while before going in, so we started asking passersby if they had a ticket to sell. Eventually, I saw someone hold a piece of paper up across the street. There was a scalper with one ticket. I let the lady who had been there for so long go over and get it since I felt like she had more effort invested in it than I did. She paid $45 for the ticket. After trying to find another ticket for a while longer, I gave up. Karl went in to the show and I headed back to my car.

Later that night, Karl texted me to say that I was lucky to have saved my money and he wished he would have sold his ticket to that lady.

I had been invited to go to Ryan's house with some other people from work, so I decided to head down there instead of going home. Not that I don't enjoy spending time with my wonderful wife, but I felt like since my concert plans fell through I still wanted to do something different for the night. So, I headed down to Akron where Ryan has a nice house in the woods. Jacob and I played Ryan's MAME cabinet pretty much the whole time we were there. Others joined in from time to time. Marble Madness with a trackball was pretty intense. We also played Galaga, Millipede, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It was a lot of fun.

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