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Visiting Arkansas 2012 - Part II

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Saturday, June 16

Since the wedding wasn’t until that evening, Molly had organized a breakfast in the Peabody for the family to all get together in the morning. She had to be proactive because when there’s no plan, too much time is taken to formulate a plan and too many people get confused trying to figure out what is going on. More family showed up than we had accounted for, but there was enough space for us all. Everyone seemed to really appreciate that Molly had thought to arrange the get-together.

After breakfast, some of us walked down to the Little Rock Museum of Discovery. Molly and I had been there when we were in college for an after hours Regina function, but it was fun to be there with her relative’s kids running around trying out all of the exhibits. I do have to admit that there were some exhibits where it seemed like Valerie’s cousin Brent and I were having more fun than the kids.

One interesting exhibit was a tornado experience. A couple of the kids dragged me into what looked like a shack on the outside. Inside, it was made up like a basement with a tv and a small window. Once you start the experience, the tv comes on and shows news reports of a coming tornado. This is followed by a bunch of sound effects, the “outdoors” outside the windows turns darker and trees fall. I think it was a pretty intense couple of minutes for the kids. After it was all over, Brent’s son sounded worried and told him that they need to get a basement.

When we finished up at the museum, Molly and I split off from the rest of the group and walked through the river market for a while. Molly ended up buying an African Butterfly hair comb, then we went in search of lunch.

We decided to eat at Tropical Smoothie since they are one of my company’s clients and I had never eaten at one. As luck would have it, we ran into a bunch of relatives and had lunch with them.

Molly and I took a nice stroll along the Arkansas River on our way back to the hotel. We found a piece of Little Rock along the way.

Me and the Little Rock (not in Boston)

We went back to the room and I took a nap. Then it was time to get ready for the wedding. I think we cleaned up pretty nicely.

Molly and I at the wedding

The wedding and reception were held in The Capital Hotel, a historic hotel situated across the street from where we were staying. It’s a very elegant venue with marble columns and stately decor. The ceremony was short and very sweet. The reception was long and rather delicious.

Sunday, June 17

Sunday morning, we went to church in Little Rock and then drove up to Searcy. We visited the Harding campus, marveling at all of the things that have changed and remembering all of the things that were still the same. We spent the rest of the day visiting with family at Molly’s grandparents’ house.

All in all, it was a very nice trip.

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