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The Biggest Loser II

  01/07/13 22:03, by , Categories: General

I’m running a “Biggest Loser” contest at work for the next 12 weeks. We’ve got 15 participants that each chipped in $15 to be distributed to the top 3 losers.

I’ve only gained 7 pounds since my final weigh-in from the 2008 Biggest Loser contest. I could still stand to lose some weight, though. I did a quick BMI calculation and I’m a pound or two over the line to be considered overweight. It would be great if I could get down to a good healthy weight and gain some muscle mass.

Last time around, I pretty much lost all of my weight on diet alone. This time, my plan is to not only count my calories, but exercise at least five days a week.

Having tv shows on my tablet to watch while running on the treadmill makes that activity a lot more appealing. While that is a great way to burn calories, I need to do some muscle-building activities as well.

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You should try push ups. Very simple to get started. Don’t need weights, don’t need a gym. Just need you and the floor. And you might not think it’s hard, but I challenge you to drop down right now and crank out as many as you can.

I’ve got an app for my phone from that takes you through a 7 week program to be able to complete 100 push ups at one time. It’s pretty tough. You don’t have to have the app to do the plan.

01/08/13 @ 11:30
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Yeah, push ups and crunches are a great idea. I’m now planning on doing some of those daily. Thanks for the suggestion. I also have access to some yoga programs through my cable provider, so that’s another good option for me to work on body tone rather than pure weight loss.

There’s a kind of famous reddit post from 4 years ago about that 100 push up program you mentioned. It’s been parodied many times.

01/08/13 @ 15:28

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