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Memorial Day 2011

  06/25/11 22:08, by , Categories: Family

Friday, May 27th, I went to see Eisley and Christie Dupree at the Grog Shop with Karl and John from work. The concert was really great. Those girls can sing! I got to meet Christie after her set and I told her how I only knew about Eisley because I used to subscribe to her Xanga back in the day. I’m not sure if it came off as creepy or cool. :/

The next morning, Molly and I went to PA. Nicholas was home, so the holiday weekend provided a good opportunity for the whole family to be together. Once we arrived, we hung out with my family for a while before heading over to Donald and Tiara’s new house for dinner. Matt and Calvin showed up and we had some burgers and hot dogs. Our goal for the night was to not reminisce about high school and, surprisingly, we did a good job. We learned a new card game from Calvin, called Golf, which was pretty fun.

Sunday, we went to church and had a picnic with some friends afterward. Dad recently found a set of Jarts at a yard sale. They’ve been banned from stores in the US since 1988. I think he takes a little pride in owning a set. Mark Fisher and I played against Daniel and Dad. I was pretty horrible and Daniel was surprisingly good. Dad and Daniel ended up beating Mark and I, despite the 1 point I scored. Following evening church services, we had a cookout. Nothing better in blistering heat than sitting around a fire for a couple hours.

Dustin, Maria and Nicholas

Monday, Daniel, Nicholas and Pop met me at the Country Cupboard restaurant next to our hotel. Molly joined us near the end of the meal because she had been working out in the fitness center and Mom stopped by to drop off Maria to go swimming. So after breakfast, Molly and I took Maria swimming at the hotel pool. There was another little girl there who was very outgoing and loved the word “actually.” ("Actually, I’m a mermaid!") Maria was more subdued than usual, which made for a pretty good time. I think her favorite thing to do was play with Molly and splash me in the face whenever I got near.

The family playing Bocce

Around lunch time, we picked up some Penn State Creamery ice cream to take to my parents’ house because some of my co-workers who went to college at Penn State told me it was the best ice cream in the world. I have to admit that it was pretty amazing ice cream. (I’ve never tasted anything that beats Cold Stone Creamery’s sweet cream with Oreo and caramel, though.) After lunch, we played Bocce out in the heat. Everyone kept throwing the pallino into the shade, but we all immediately headed for the house (and a/c) once the game was over.

We had a great time with family and friends, but soon enough it was time for Molly and I to head home.

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It warms my heart to see the loving family you are part of. Don’t ever take that dynamic for granted. You are VERY blessed.

06/27/11 @ 05:34
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Wait…was the little girl in the pool my daughter, Iliana? Every time she swims, she informs me that she is a mermaid.

06/28/11 @ 02:44

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