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Life Lessons

  01/17/12 14:07, by , Categories: Random

Monica: If you had to run away because American gvernment started taking citizens away in the night and you never saw them again…
where would you go…

Dustin: St. Kitts

Monica: Good choice

Dustin: Why do you ask?

Monica: Because of your facebook post
I’ve been working on my escape plan just in case

Dustin: Get dual citizenship, buy a motorcycle, learn how to use a knife.

Monica: I need to do all those things
I’m so far behind

Dustin: Yeah, I haven’t done those things.
I do want to learn to use a knife, though.
Get all Jason Bourne and stuff.
Dual citizenship is way too expensive.
Probably better to rely on other countries willing to take refugees.

Monica: Lets take life learning classes
I think they have some at whole foods
in the middle of the day

Dustin: Whole foods will teach me how to stab a fool?

Monica: I don’t know but i saw a lady on a stage and she had a knife
and people were standing around her
I’m sure there were questions after
We could just ask
how to stab somebody

Dustin: “Excuse me? Yes. Thank you for teaching me how to disarm a dead chicken, but what do I do if -instead of a dead chicken- it’s a guy with brass knuckles?”

Monica: Yes
I mean I don’t know where else to go. I think it is worth a shot.

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Just get a gun…

01/22/12 @ 07:00

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