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Hosting Solutions: Dreamhost vs. Netfirms

  02/15/07 17:20, by , Categories: Article

I created accounts on both web hosting services about a year ago (1st yr for $10 deals) and my experience with Dreamhost has been excellent, while my experience with Netfirms has been horrible.

When I first signed signed up on Netfirms, I could log in to my account, but I couldn't access my file manager. I also was unable to connect via FTP. I e-mailed support and I have to admit that they replied promptly and had fixed my problem.

With my Netfirms plan, I received two free domains. Unfortunately, Netfirms doesn't support the hosting of two websites on one account. The most you can do is point the second domain at a sub-folder of the first. But this causes problems in programming (such as when you want to use $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] or $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']). I contacted support about this and they told me to use absolute urls, which is never a good idea.

Just yesterday, I got an e-mail that looked like a bill to notify that my service had been renewed. The problem is that I moved to a new address last fall and got a new credit card number without updating my contact information on Netfirms. It looked to me as if they were either sending a bill to my old address or attempting to charge my old credit card. So, I e-mailed support about the perceived problem. Unlike the past two e-mails I got, this one seemed like it was generated by a junky program that picked a few key words out of my support e-mail. It gave me canned responses on how to update my contact info and renew my hosting plan. To top it off, they suggested that I use their Live Sales Chat Service by simply going to http://www.netfirms.com/lp_invite_promotion.php. Go ahead, try to find the Live Chat. I sure couldn't. It's just a link to their main page.

Luckily, the e-mail also included some numbers to call. Oddly enough, the support guy I talked to had English as his first language and was very friendly. He explained that the "bill" I received in my e-mail was just a reminder that my year of hosting was going to expire in 30 days and would automatically be renewed. I think the e-mail could have been a little more clear about that.

Finally, the biggest reason that I don't like Netfirms is their downtime. I think it's safe to say that my site and the sites of two of my friends hosted by Netfirms were down up to 10% of the time. That is a huge problem.

My experience with Dreamhost has been great. I've never even needed to contact their support because I've never had a problem with their service. I think my site may have gone down once, that's it. They keep me informed each month with interesting newsletters. They give me an ever increasing amount of space and bandwidth, which is more than I know what to do with. I've easily created sub-domains that I share with my family. What more can I say? I'm completely satisfied.

I plan on canceling my Netfirms service this month.

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Good post. I plan on canceling my account pretty soon, too. I’m currently with SiteGround. They’re pretty good.

02/16/07 @ 15:59

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