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Category: "Dreams"

The End of the World (and what comes after)

  07/06/10 07:04, by , Categories: Dreams
I had a dream last night that the world was going to end. Molly and I were at my parents’ house, sitting on the front porch with my mom and dad. We knew the world was going to end, but we didn’t know when, though it would certainly be within… more »


  04/13/10 16:08, by , Categories: Dreams
I had a dream last night that I was on an airplane going to Colorado. It was flying over mountains and then dipping on the other side of them before pulling up to barely make it over the next mountain. There were also huge pine trees, some of them… more »

Contaminated Green Beans

  12/02/08 06:26, by , Categories: Dreams
I had a dream that I was in jail. The warden had a claw like Wolverine from X-Men and stabbed me in the leg because I was on the cell phone with my lawyer after lights out. We had a church service that all the inmates attended. They served communion… more »
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Donald Is a Rocker

  01/18/08 09:00, by , Categories: Dreams
Last night, I had a dream that Harding was hosting some sort of singing contest at my old high school. My friend, Donald, and I were entered in the contest. After a couple acts, I realized that I didn’t have anything prepared. I didn’t even… more »

The Anti-Christ Woke Me Up

  01/17/08 08:49, by , Categories: Dreams
Yesterday, I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I glanced at the time as I turned it off and headed toward the bathroom. The clock read 6:66. My only thought was “That’s not good.” Only after I was fully awakened by my shower did I… more »


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