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The End of the World (and what comes after)

  07/06/10 07:04, by , Categories: Dreams

I had a dream last night that the world was going to end.

Molly and I were at my parents’ house, sitting on the front porch with my mom and dad. We knew the world was going to end, but we didn’t know when, though it would certainly be within the week, and we didn’t know how.

We were basically sitting around trying to enjoy our last days together, when suddenly a tree down at the campground burst into flames. The fire spread quickly to the grass surrounding the tree.

My dad was calm and half-jokingly said, “Maybe that’s how we’ll go. The whole Earth will burn up.”

My mom didn’t say anything, but I could tell that she was panicking.

When I noticed that the rate at which the fire was spreading was accelerating faster than any I had seen before, I realized that my dad was right. The whole Earth was going to burn. The fire was caused by the air temperature rising past the burning point. This increase in temperature was spreading rapidly and, consequently, so was the fire.

I was already holding Molly’s hand and I started to reach for my dad’s. I wanted to express my feelings for my family and then offer a prayer.

I started by saying “I love you all.”

As I said this, the fire was moving so fast, I realized I wouldn’t have time for a prayer. So I concluded my statement with an “Amen” as the fire consumed us.

At this point, I started waking up. My arms were raised above my head and I was breathing deeply and quickly. I wanted to know what came next. What happened after we died? I brought my arms down and consciously slowed my breathing. Then I fell back to sleep.

Back in the dream, I became aware of a vast whiteness. I was upright, but my head was drooping. I lifted it and found myself dropping one or two feet to the ground. Around me were rows and rows of large key-chains suspended individually in the air. Some were empty, but others had people hanging in them by their necks. I assume they had not yet woken and raised their heads to slip from their hard metal nooses.

I then woke up fully and had the following lyrics from Cloud Cult going in my mind:
“I’m just wondering what comes at the end…I hope I meet you again.”


  04/13/10 16:08, by , Categories: Dreams

I had a dream last night that I was on an airplane going to Colorado. It was flying over mountains and then dipping on the other side of them before pulling up to barely make it over the next mountain. There were also huge pine trees, some of them almost as big as the mountains. The ride was making me sick.

I don’t know how we landed, but I got a look at those who were with me. It seemed like some sort of youth group trip and I was one of the chaperones. We started hiking over the snow covered mountains. After a while, we built a fire and cooked some hamburgers. When everyone was done eating, there were still hamburgers left so I picked them up and carried them with me. In my mind, this was an important thing to do because it showed forethought for survival. I ate the hamburgers as we walked and I remember giving one to Molly when she got hungry.

When it got dark, we arrived at a cabin. Apparently, we expected it to be there for us because we walked right in and started settling down for the night. My mom called my cell phone and asked me what I was up to. I told her that I was hiking in Colorado. She was upset by this because I didn’t tell her I was going and she thought I should have gone to visit her instead. After I hung up, someone told us that a heavy storm was coming and we might not be able to leave for days.

Suddenly, my mom was there as if she had been with us the whole time. There was an outpost three quarters of a mile away from our cabin and she volunteered to go pick up supplies before we got snowed in. It was already starting to snow and I said that I would go with her.

We bundled up and headed out right before I woke up.


Contaminated Green Beans

  12/02/08 06:26, by , Categories: Dreams

I had a dream that I was in jail. The warden had a claw like Wolverine from X-Men and stabbed me in the leg because I was on the cell phone with my lawyer after lights out.

We had a church service that all the inmates attended. They served communion with one cup. It didn’t contain wine or grape juice, just water. I got some murderous looks from the inmates who would be last to get a sip because I drank more than my share.

It all worked out, though. I found an alien fetus in a can of green beans, so they let me go.

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Donald Is a Rocker

  01/18/08 09:00, by , Categories: Dreams

Last night, I had a dream that Harding was hosting some sort of singing contest at my old high school. My friend, Donald, and I were entered in the contest.

After a couple acts, I realized that I didn’t have anything prepared. I didn’t even know what song I was going to do. I asked Don if he had his lyrics memorized and he said that he did. I asked how the band knew what to play and he said that he gave them the music a couple weeks ago.

So, I started getting really nervous because I was going to make a fool of myself. I got the idea to go look up some lyrics on a computer in one of the high school’s classrooms and do my best. This brought about the problem that I couldn’t log on, since I was no longer a Harding student.

Once I decided to just give up, I headed back to the contest. When I got there, Donald was performing “Who Wants To Live Forever” by Queen in the style of Breaking Benjamin and it sounded really really good.

I told Molly about this dream earlier today. I was trying to describe how the song sounded and I ended up saying something along the lines of “I wish I could download my brain to listen to it.”

She got a kick out of that.

The Anti-Christ Woke Me Up

  01/17/08 08:49, by , Categories: Dreams

Yesterday, I woke up to the sound of my alarm.

I glanced at the time as I turned it off and headed toward the bathroom.

The clock read 6:66.

My only thought was “That’s not good.”

Only after I was fully awakened by my shower did I realize that I must have been half-dreaming.


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