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Experiences in Time

  04/27/10 22:12, by , Categories: Quote

Knowing that everything comes to an end is a gift of experience, a consolation gift for knowing that we ourselves are coming to an end. Before we get it we live in a continuous present, and imagine the future as more of that present. Happiness is an endless happiness, innocent of its own sure passing. Pain is endless pain.

from This Boy’s Life by Tobias Wolff

Political Extremism

  03/21/10 16:10, by , Categories: Quote, Politics

“I remembered how Alton talked. Thinking back on it, it was crazy. A paranoid version of conservative principles. It should have been obvious. It was like a parody, the Left’s version of the Right. But you see, I was a Congressman from Idaho. The people who fund my campaign talk like that. It’s the looniest ones who pony up the most, sometimes - ideology opens the pocketbook. I’d been hearing their lunacy for so long that it didn’t sound irrational to me anymore. I was used to madness.”

from Empire by Orson Scott Card

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George Moore on Man

  02/23/10 22:21, by , Categories: Quote

There is an unchanging, silent life within every man that none knows but himself.

from “Home Sickness”

When The Snow Melts

  02/11/10 21:48, by , Categories: Quote

When I woke up the next morning, I was surprised. I was shocked that the world could continue, that I could wake up as I did every morning. I didn’t wake up and think that the day before was a dream, or any of that crap; I was too acutely aware of what had happened.

There was a disturbing ordinariness about everything. How could such a terrible thing happen and the world just go on? Everything should stop and wait until it had everything figured out before everything started up again.

The world had a hole torn in it yesterday, but today it would go on as normal. Maybe it was too used to these sorts of things. To me, the world wasn’t unhappy enough. I was afraid that I wasn’t unhappy enough.

from “As Simple As Snow” by Gregory Galloway

Glenn Greenwald on The Mindset of Modern Journalists

  06/09/09 13:07, by , Categories: Quote, Politics

There are two sides and only two sides to every “debate” – the Beltway Democratic establishment and the Beltway Republican establishment. If those two sides agree on X, then X is deemed true, no matter how false it actually is. If one side disputes X, then X cannot be asserted as fact, no matter how indisputably true it is. The mere fact that another country’s behavior is described as X doesn’t mean that this is how identical behavior by the U.S. should be described. They do everything except investigate and state what is true. In their view, that – stating what is and is not true – is not their role.


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