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Mr. Bean's Holiday

  03/25/08 13:37, by , Categories: Movies, Family, Comedy



Mr. Bean's Holiday

My memory might not be serving me well, but I remember Bean being funnier than this movie. There were some outright hilarious scenes, but they were too few and far between. I did enjoy the wide-shots of French landscape, though.

Despite having a G rating there were two swear words exclaimed by a child. I was sort of shocked by that.

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In the Land of Women

  01/17/08 12:57, by , Categories: Movies, Drama, Comedy



After a painful break-up, Carter leaves L.A. for Detroit to stay with his grandma who claims she is dying. A mother and her two daughters live across the street from his grandmother and they each are affected by their interaction with Carter. In turn, they affect him as well.

I laughed a lot during this movie. The grandmother is hilarious and Carter has a lot of funny lines. On the other hand, there are some serious issues like the mother across the street dealing with breast cancer and her strained relationship with her oldest daughter.

I love movies where characters are blazingly honest with each other, even though it’s not all that realistic. This is one of those movies where people open up to each other and help each other figure out their lives.

A good balance of comedy and drama, I really enjoyed it.

Man of the Year

  12/12/07 08:00, by , Categories: Movies, Romantic Comedy, Drama, Comedy



Robin Williams plays a political comedian, like Jon Stewart, who runs for President and wins. Or so it would seem…

Comedy, Suspense, Romance, and Social Commentary; these are all aspects of this film. I was impressed with how it was able to get it’s message across while being funny and keeping me involved in the events that were unfolding. It presented some interesting moral dilemmas and had some pretty suspenseful moments.

Most movies that try to reach across more than two genres end up failing. I would suggest that Man of the Year was able to succeed.

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Shrek the Third

  12/11/07 12:33, by , Categories: Movies, Family, Animation, Comedy



Before watching it, I thought this movie was just about Shrek and Fiona having babies. So, let me lay out the plot for you.

Shrek and Fiona are attempting to run the kingdom of Far, Far Away because the King is sick. When it is determined that the King is dying, he tells them that Shrek will be the new king. Shrek doesn’t want the job, so he finds out about one other person who could be an heir to the throne: a loser teenager named Arthur. While Shrek goes off to retrieve Arthur, Prince Charming takes over Far, Far Away. Fiona’s pregnancy is a subplot.

This movie had me laughing a lot. Fortunately, it didn’t fall under the curse of the sequels. I’d recommend it as a really good comedy that the whole family can enjoy.

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Zathura: A Space Adventure

  01/18/07 13:35, by , Categories: Movies, Action, Sci-Fi, Family, Comedy



This movie was pretty much awesome. It had me on the edge of my seat during the suspenseful scenes, relating to the struggles between the two brothers, and laughing at the good use of humor. I'd highly recommend it for families with kids in 6th grade or above.


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