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  04/05/14 03:12, by , Categories: Movies, Action, Drama
WARNING: This review contains spoilers. All right, let's get the obvious stuff out of the way. This movie is not Biblically accurate. In the film, Noah's sons don't have wives. This is actually used as a major plot point. Ham is really worried about the… more »

In the Land of Women

  01/17/08 12:57, by , Categories: Movies, Drama, Comedy
8.5/10 After a painful break-up, Carter leaves L.A. for Detroit to stay with his grandma who claims she is dying. A mother and her two daughters live across the street from his grandmother and they each are affected by their interaction with Carter. In… more »

Man of the Year

  12/12/07 08:00, by , Categories: Movies, Romantic Comedy, Drama, Comedy
9/10 Robin Williams plays a political comedian, like Jon Stewart, who runs for President and wins. Or so it would seem… Comedy, Suspense, Romance, and Social Commentary; these are all aspects of this film. I was impressed with how it was able to… more »
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  06/14/07 20:49, by , Categories: Movies, Drama
10/10 This movie was great. I would venture to call it an American Epic. Without trying to be all indie and junk, it showed everyday life in 1968. Except it wasn't everyday, it was the day Robert F. Kennedy got shot. I knew pretty much nothing about the… more »
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The Departed

  04/30/07 11:51, by , Categories: Movies, Action, Drama
8.5/10 I had read that Jack Nicholson's villain character is too likable in this movie. I have to agree. Even though he does disgusting things, his manner is such that I found myself enjoying him. Maybe that's not all too unrealistic. Bad guys aren't… more »


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