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  04/05/14 03:12, by , Categories: Movies, Action, Drama
WARNING: This review contains spoilers. All right, let's get the obvious stuff out of the way. This movie is not Biblically accurate. In the film, Noah's sons don't have wives. This is actually used as a major plot point. Ham is really worried about the… more »

The Dark Knight

  07/19/08 21:14, by , Categories: Movies, Action
7.5/10 I was not expecting this film to be so morbid. It reminded me of Saw in some ways. I wouldn’t recommend it at all for children under 13, there were a few scenes and themes that were just too disturbing. That being said, there were some… more »

Indiana Jones: 1-3

  05/20/08 14:14, by , Categories: Movies, Action
Molly and I finished watching through the first three Indiana Jones movies this weekend. I: Raiders of the Lost Ark 4/10 In the beginning, why did he bring along two morons that would turn on him when he was located so close to the river with the… more »

Iron Man

  05/04/08 22:29, by , Categories: Movies, Action
8.5/10 Tony Stark runs the largest arms manufacturing company in the world. On a trip to the Middle East to sell their newest weapon, he is kidnapped by terrorists and forced to build a copy. Instead, he builds a high-tech suit of armor and escapes.… more »
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Vantage Point

  03/04/08 12:38, by , Categories: Movies, Action
9/10 Intense action film with an interesting way of telling a good story. The president is shot at a global war on terror summit in France. The events leading up to the shooting, during the attack, and what follows is told by viewing five different… more »


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