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Something Amazing This Way Comes

  08/28/16 20:24, by , Categories: General, Family, Events
Last December 13th, Molly found out something in the morning that she couldn't tell anyone. It was a Sunday and I was sick, so I stayed in bed while Molly went to church and then helped out with a "Cookies With Santa" event. All that time, she kept the… more »
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A Quick Trip to PA

  06/07/13 23:22, by , Categories: Family
Molly and I got in to Selinsgrove around midnight last Friday night. Saturday morning, we went to Perkins for breakfast with my grandpa and my brothers. Then we met the rest of my family at the Susquehanna Sports Center for some mini-golf. Their church… more »

2012 Recap

  01/01/13 18:24, by , Categories: General, Family, Events
2012 was a pretty low-key year for Molly and I. Here's a breakdown of the highlights. (At least, the ones I can remember right now.) February Mandy got really sick, Molly went to help out April ONOSYS purchased by LivingSocial June Went to A… more »
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Visiting Arkansas 2012 - Part II

  09/24/12 00:02, by , Categories: Family, Events
Saturday, June 16 Since the wedding wasn't until that evening, Molly had organized a breakfast in the Peabody for the family to all get together in the morning. She had to be proactive because when there's no plan, too much time is taken to formulate… more »

Visiting Arkansas 2012 - Part I

  07/02/12 23:42, by , Categories: Family, Events
Thursday, June 14 After work, I went to the Now, Now and fun. concert at House of Blues with some friends from work. Karl and I tried to get as close to the stage as we could about half an hour before the show started. Unfortunately, it was already p… more »
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