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Something Amazing This Way Comes

  08/28/16 20:24, by , Categories: General, Family, Events
Last December 13th, Molly found out something in the morning that she couldn't tell anyone. It was a Sunday and I was sick, so I stayed in bed while Molly went to church and then helped out with a "Cookies With Santa" event. All that time, she kept the… more »
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The Wastelands

  07/02/16 20:30, by , Categories: General, Events
Last night, I went to an event in Cleveland called The Wastelands. It was billed as a folk opera reimagining of Dante's Purgatorio. It was put on by a theatre and film ensemble called Children of the Wild. They were based in Massachusetts, but are… more »


  03/21/16 09:04, by , Categories: General
The wheel on my home office chair broke a couple of weeks ago. I tried using super glue to fix it, but that only held for about two weeks. Since then, I've been using a kitchen stool and looking for a replacement chair. I have trouble finding a good off… more »

Zombie Slayer

  10/27/14 23:23, by , Categories: General
Our mailbox was hit by a car a few weeks ago. The lady who did it was nice enough to stop and pay for the damages, but it hasn't been fun replacing it. Until last week, we had to make due with some bungee cords and rope holding the splintered post toget… more »

Nashville Trip 2014

  09/07/14 00:52, by , Categories: General
We have a vacation planned for November, but that seemed like such a long time to wait that when Southwest had a great deal on plane tickets to Nashville we snatched them up. Last week was our mini-vacation and it was rather nice. Once we settled into… more »
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