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Wheel of Lunch

  12/28/07 11:56, by , Categories: Nifty


Can’t decide where to go for lunch? Leave it up to The Wheel of Lunch!

Wheel of Lunch

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Oompa Toys

  11/15/07 13:56, by , Categories: Nifty


Oompa Logo


We offer our constantly expanding collection of European wooden toys, baby toys, educational toys, jewelry, bags and children’s room decor items to urbane and discerning adults who want to expose the young children in their lives to non-character branded, quality toys. We believe toys should be natural, non-violent and from manufacturers who provide safe and nurturing environments for their employees. We believe in fair, competitive pricing and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Very cool idea. Too bad I’m not rich.

Ronald Jenkees

  10/30/07 22:32, by , Categories: Nifty


Who is Ronald Jenkees? He’s a cool guy with a unique personality, a positive outlook on life, and great skills in making music.

Be sure to check out his YouTube videos.

To get a taste of his Mr. Rogers type outlook on life, here’s the transcription of one of his videos titled “You, Me, And the Rest of the World":

Who knows about this life?
I don’t even know
But with everything I see here and there
You just walk outside and you see natures
I’ve got reasons to go outside
I’ve got reasons to go to the grocery store
I’ve got reasons to go on the road and take a little drive
I’ve got reasons to be me
You’ve got reasons to be you
But each one of us are a little bit different
But you can’t hate other people because they’re different
or they might hate you back
no, I’m just kidding
life is all about humor
it’s all about friendships
the people you meet
and the music you jam
and the fun you have
just keep it going

Right now he has a free download of the Halloween Theme remix posted, which is pretty cool.

Bling Bling via Blingo

  09/07/07 09:40, by , Categories: Nifty

I've won $80 in amazon gift certificates this year by using as my search engine. It's powered by Google, so you get the same search results with the difference being that each time you search you have a chance to win some prizes. You can read more about how it works on their site.

I'm telling you this for two reasons:

  1. So you can win, too.
  2. To give me more chances at winning.

See, if you use my referral link to sign up, I win whatever you win, too. If you win a $100 amazon gift card, we both get one. Cool, eh?

What are you waiting for? Sign up and win us some prizes!



Ron Paul Supporter Mosaic

  07/25/07 13:46, by , Categories: Nifty


You can find me on there.


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