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Using culture-sensitive C# dates with Javascript

  12/23/11 12:25, by , Categories: Informative, Programming
I was trying to create a javascript date object using a C# date in my view like this: var jsDate = new Date('<%=myDate.ToString("MM/dd/yyyy")%>'); It worked as expected when the culture was en-US, but not when the culture was fr-CA. I fi… more »
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Perfect Rounded Corners with CSS

  02/17/10 16:37, by , Categories: Informative, Programming
I’ve updated my blog to the latest stable release of b2evolution. Rather than try to carry over my old customized skin, I decided to try something new. After customizing the December skin, I still wasn’t satisfied with how each white post… more »
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Generating Host and Admin Menus in DotNetNuke

  11/14/07 15:31, by , Categories: Informative, Programming
At work, I had to add the Admin and Host menus to our custom Control Panel in DotNetNuke. It was pretty hard to find a proper solution, until I found the link above. The following code shows how I adapted that solution. Here’s the relevant code… more »

How to fire an event from javascript

  09/07/07 12:29, by , Categories: Informative, Programming
For example, I wanted to simulate the user clicking a link so that the onclick for that link would be executed. The problem is that This has been tested in IE7, FF2, and Opera 9 with success. I've also been told that base2 is a decent javascript library… more »
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Visual Security: 9-block IP Identification

  01/22/07 11:42, by , Categories: Programming, Nifty
This guy created a "privacy protecting derivative of each commenter's IP address to build a 9-block image and displaying it next the commenter's name" for his blog. Which means that everyone gets their own little unique icon which is created by… more »


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