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Perfect Rounded Corners with CSS

  02/17/10 16:37, by , Categories: Informative, Programming
I’ve updated my blog to the latest stable release of b2evolution. Rather than try to carry over my old customized skin, I decided to try something new. After customizing the December skin, I still wasn’t satisfied with how each white post… more »
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Be Heard For Sure

  03/07/08 09:09, by , Categories: Informative, Religion, Life
“Be Heard For Sure” is a place to share rejected editorial opinions that were submitted to The Daily Item (Sunbury, PA) or other local newspapers. more »

Generating Host and Admin Menus in DotNetNuke

  11/14/07 15:31, by , Categories: Informative, Programming
At work, I had to add the Admin and Host menus to our custom Control Panel in DotNetNuke. It was pretty hard to find a proper solution, until I found the link above. The following code shows how I adapted that solution. Here’s the relevant code… more »

Donate to Get This Ad Run in the NY Times

  11/07/07 10:28, by , Categories: Informative, Life
If you can’t make a financial contribution, the least you can do is write your representative and senators in Congress expressing your thoughts on the Military Commissions Act. Isn’t the Constitution worth it? more »

Why Clinton II wouldn't offer much change from Bush II

  10/22/07 13:16, by , Categories: Informative
For seven years, the left has been up in arms about President Bush’s aggressive foreign policy, his secrecy, his partisanship, and his expansive claims on executive power. It’s odd, then, that they’re prepared to nominate Hillary… more »


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